Carefully Planned and Responsible Breedings

We are committed to ensuring our puppies are handled, socialized and introduced to manners.  There is a lot of love, pride and work involved with raising each and every one of our litters. 


At Howling Pines our dogs are first and foremost family companions !  They are a pleasure to have in our home and our hopes are for our puppies to be a pleasing addition to their new homes as well. 

All of our dogs are thoroughly health tested and clearances done prior to being bred.  Most of our clearances are done at 24 months of age.  In addition to health testing, the dog must have a sound, friendly temperament to be included in our breeding program.


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We pay close attention to the developmental stages that all puppies progress through while they are with us.  There are three major developmental stages that occur in the first two months of a dog's life.  We make sure each stage is successfully accomplished.  These include :  Socializing puppies with a variety of people (children, strangers, etc.),  teaching bite inhibition  and  establishing household manners. 


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We do not take "reservations" on a litter as we wait to make sure there is a puppy that matches your family's needs.  Families who understand the malamute breed and can offer a good, loving home are encouraged to visit and may, if desired, be placed on our waiting list. 

We spend time talking with you about what you want to accomplish with your newest family member.  We also take this time to show you all the appropriate papers regarding the parents' CKC certificates, pedigrees and health test results. 

At eight weeks old temperament testing is done.  At that time we will find out if one of the puppies is well suited to your family.  It is always a great day when we can phone you with the terrific news that we have a puppy for you. 

Puppies are vaccinated, examined by a licensed veterinarian and micro-chipped before going to their new homes. 

At Howling Pines we usually wait for the dogs to mature to at least ten weeks old before placing them into their new homes.   You will find that your puppy has been well socialized with other dogs, cats, adults and children of all ages.  Howling Pines' puppies already have a very good sense of obedience.    


WHY SO CAUTIOUS?  Malamutes can live up to and beyond 12 years of age.  It is much better to have a breeder who works tirelessly in the beginning to find you the right match, than to hand over the first dog available.  We want you AND the dog to be very happy. 



Our 2013 Well Planned Litter at Howling Pines


We always follow the philosophy that a litter must be well planned.  Therefore we took our time to determine when, where and who makes the best next match.  Thanks for your patience. 

July 2013:  Nicole is very excited to share this announcement with you ! 

"We have waited a long time to breed our beautiful girl Sunii .  I have loved Sunii from Day One and still to this day she is a favourite here at Howling Pines.  Her temperment, her personality, her looks and her drive make me so proud.  She is a dream to live with and I cannot wait to see her pass on these traits to her babies."


"It was love at first sight while at Camp Winterchill and Winterchill's Dark Warrior (McGraw) was a gentleman through and through.  These babies will be fabulous in so many ways.  It was worth the drive for many reasons.  We have a lot to be thankful for as far as the breeding is concerned.  It has taken a bit longer than expected to get to this point but everything happens for a reason, Right ?!? "


"Great puppies are coming to those who have waited very patiently."


Our Current  Litter


Sire :   McGraw 

Ch. Winterchill's Dark Warrior


Dam :  Sunii

Ch. Howling Pines Has Come to Shine, RN


Arrived and Healthy :      

August 10th, 2013


The Great News :   

5 males and 3 females



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At Five Weeks Old (September 14th, 2013) Everyone posed for their Puppy Portrait ... and a great Group Shot !



Howling Pines is now considering applications on this litter.  Please read through our website to ensure a Malamute is the right breed for you.  


To be considered for a puppy from Howling Pines, please complete our Contact Form



Howling Pines is now accepting applications.  Please make sure you have researched the Alaskan Malamute breed.

If you are interested in being considered for one of our healthy, well-socialized puppies, please fill out Our Contact Form

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