In Our Hearts and Our Memories . . . Forever !


Our Malamutes are a very important part of our family.

They keep us smiling.  They keep us active.  And they usually keep us laughing.  We give them our love and respect . . . and they return the favour ten-fold.  We've even had some really good heart-to-heart conversations together.  " Woo, woo, woo. "

For these reasons, and a million more, we cherish the memories.



" We miss you beautiful girl ! "

October 1996 - July 4, 2008





Shelaskan's FanTastic  ( Keisha )

Keisha was our very first malamute, and because of her, we've been hooked ever since !  She was a beautiful girl and is dearly missed.  

She was a real "people dog" and had tons of patience with children.  She was our alpha female and didn't let any other dog overlook this fact !  Keisha held the title of " Boss " to all other dogs at Howling Pines.  Keisha produced some incredible puppies.  Her favourite mate Bronte was very depressed when Keisha passed away. As a family, we all supported each other and got through the grief.  We now concentrate on her smile, and all the happy memories she has left with us.

" " Always a great cuddle ! "

February 11, 1999 - May 2, 2007



Masked Mistress  ( Meeko )

Meeko was a saucy girl !  She was a very hard worker.  She loved to be right by my side well mostly sitting on my feet actually. 

She was a tough girl, having endured some major jaw surgery very early in life without complaint.  A prime example of the breeds stoical trait ! 

I loved this dog !!! 

She came out of Keisha and Bronte having had a nice combination of personality and physical characteristics of both. 

We miss you every day, and think of you often.


Our Malamutes who have crossed " The Rainbow Bridge ".   Never to be forgotten !

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