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Ch Howling Pines Has Come to Shine, RN


We call her "Sunii"

Just as her name suggests, she is warm and bright all the time.  She's easy to work with and gets along with everyone respectfully.  We have fun with Sunii doing agility, hiking, backpacking, confirmation and winter sledding. 

We were very excited to see her mature and have her pass all her health certifications.  Howling Pines has waited for the right time and the right sire for Sunii's first litter.  With much patience and excitement, we are delighted to announce puppies are expected mid August 2013.  See below for more details. 

More photos of Sunii can be found in her Photo Gallery


Date of Birth :

January 25, 2009


Pedigree :

Sire :   Am Ch Spiritrun's Luck of the Draw, WWPD  ( Gambit )

Dam :  Ch Shelaskan's Works for Us, RA RN  ( Anokii )

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Breeding History :

After I turned two years old I have had all my health tests done. 

I passed them all with "flying colours" !  


2011 = Waiting  .... 2012 = Planning .... 2013 = The Year !!


Update July 2013 from Nicole: 


"We have waited a long time for this breeding.  I have loved Sunii from Day One and still to this day she is a favourite here at Howling Pines.  Her temperment, her personality, her looks and her drive make me so proud.  She is a dream to live with and I cannot wait to see her pass on these traits to her babies."


"It was love at first sight while at Camp Winterchill and Winterchill's Dark Warrior (McGraw) was a gentleman through and through.  These babies will be fabulous in so many ways.  It was worth the drive for many reasons.  We have a lot to be thankful for as far as the breeding is concerned.  It has taken a bit longer than expected to get to this point but everything happens for a reason, Right ?!? "


"Great puppies are coming to those who have waited very patiently."


Puppies page for has an update as of August 10th, 2013.  Exciting News !




Health Certificates *

Cleared of Hip & Elbow Dysplasia  ( PennHip & OFA )

Cleared of Chondrodysplasia

OFA thyroid complete panel testing Free T4, cTSH and TgAA

OFA Heart clearance

OFA Patellar luxation clearance

Eyes checked annually by Certified Opthamologist  (CERF)


* Copies of Health Certificates will be shared with potential puppy owners.  All breeders should be proud to show certificates.  If they don't, be sure to ask.  Make sure they are valid for the dogs involved in the breeding. 


Please check out SUNII's family pages :   Mother Anokii  and  Half-Sister Onishkaa 




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