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Ch Shelaskan's Works for Us, RA RN


Anokii means work

Anokii is our most energetic and fun loving malamute yet.  She turns six years old in August 2011.  She has a wonderful temperament which pleases us to no end.  She is extremely agile, intelligent, friendly to humans, other dogs and has learned not to mess with the cat. 

Anokii has proven to be an AMAZING mom.  She did a great job with her first three litters and all the puppies are growing up to be wonderful dogs. 

We will be engaging her in many different activities in the future to experience her full potential.  Her and her daughters really enjoyed dog sledding this past winter. 


More photos of Anokii can be found in her Photo Gallery


Date of Birth :

August 7, 2005


Pedigree :

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Breeding History :

Most recent litter with Maliik ...  5 puppies born October 10th, 2009

Sire :  Am. Can. Ch. Spiritrun's Might T Maliik


A wonderful litter of pups with GAMBIT ...  6 puppies born January 25th, 2009

Sire :  Am. Ch. Spiritrun's Luck of the Draw, WWPD


She produced a great litter with Chilly ...  8 puppies born January 1st, 2008

Sire :  Ch. Phantomrun's Action Jackson



Health Certificates *

Cleared of Hip & Elbow Dysplasia  ( PennHip & OFA )

Cleared of Chondrodysplasia

OFA thyroid complete panel testing Free T4, cTSH and TgAA

OFA Heart clearance

OFA Patellar luxation clearance

Eyes checked annually by Certified Opthamologist  (CERF)


* Copies of Health Certificates were always shared with potential puppy owners.  All breeders should be proud to show certificates.  If they don't, be sure to ask.  Make sure they are valid for the dogs involved in the breeding. 


Please also check out ANOKII's daughters pages :   Onishkaa  and  Sunii


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