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Thank you for your interest.  We appreciate you filling out our Contact Form.  If you would like to be considered as a suitable home for a Howling Pines' puppy, please complete and submit the following information. 


This form enables us to match our puppies with families based upon your lifestyle and personality compared with puppy aptitude and temperament tests.  Animals will not be designated to a home until after the temperament testing has been done at about eight weeks of age.  We do not match solely based on your request for say a "large black & white male".  However we will consider all factors and aim to make the most suitable match based on this information.  When we invite you to our home our intentions are to establish a family oriented relationship which we hope to continue throughout our puppies lives as family companions.



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Please tell us your preferences in terms of gender, size, temperament, personality, etc.



Describe the animals who currently reside in your home.   ( Breeds, Ages, Gender, Intact ? )



Tell us about your family.  What are the ages and interests of the family members who will be residing with the dog ?



We ask for at least one reference. We prefer it to be your Veterinarian.  If you can not provide a vet reference, please provide the name of someone who is familiar with your interest in animals.

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In what environment will you be living with your dog ?      


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Where will the dog stay during the day ?   How many hours might he or she be left alone at a time ?



What are your plans for outdoor space for your Malamute?   What size area will be securely fenced ?  



Where will the dog stay at night ?   What bedding or crating accommodations are you planning ?




Further Comments

Please feel free to add anything that you think would help us in choosing the right puppy for you.  The more we know about you, the better able we are to determine which of our puppies would best suit your lifestyle.




Please review the form before submitting.  Make sure you have provided your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS as these fields are required.  Also, we prefer to have at least one telephone number so we can follow up with you. 


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You should receive a confirmation email or a phone call from us within seven days.  

Thank you for your patience in waiting to hear back from us.




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