Planned Litters; CKC Registered; Healthy Socialized Pups


Our breedings are carefully planned and we aim to accomplish quality not quantity. 

The Alaskan Malamute is a working breed.  Optimal health is imperative to maintain them as such.  It is our goal to produce healthy, functional, well socialized, adaptive and beautiful animals.  Animals that will mature to become noble representations of the Alaskan Malamute breed. 

Although we do not boast perfection, we feel it is our responsibility to make use of the resources available to us.  We screen, monitor and do our best to achieve overall health and breed standard.


We are very conscientious about our health screening. 

Our mals are all certified against :

► hip and elbow dysplasia

► chondro-dysplasia

► hereditary eye disease

► thyroid disease

► heart disease and

► patellar luxation (slipping of the knee caps)


When choosing a suitable mate for our breedings we look for similar breeding philosophies, health interests and clearance standards shared by fellow breeders.  We are also happy to discuss our vaccine protocols, nutrition and innovative health care approach.



2013 Breeding Plans at Howling Pines


We always follow the philosophy that a litter must be well planned.  Therefore we are taking our time to determine when, where and who makes the best next match.  Thanks for your patience. 

Please check back for updates. 



Howling Pines' Litters

Sire  x  Dam

Litter Details with photo links

Ch. Winterchill's Cruz'n Spirit  ( Cruz'er )  x

Howling Pines' Rise n Shine  ( Onishkaa )


Nine puppies were born May 24th, 2011.  Five boys and four girls.  Many photos in our 2011 albums

Am Ch. Spiritrun's Might T Maliik  ( Maliik )  x

Shelaskan’s Works for Us  ( Anokii )


Five puppies were born October 10th, 2009.  One boy and four girls. See many photos here & here

Am Ch. Spiritrun's Luck of the Draw, WWPD  ( Gambit )  x

Shelaskan’s Works for Us  ( Anokii )


Six puppies born January 25th, 2009.  Three boys and three girls.  Photos available  here & here

Ch. Phantomrun’s Action Jackson  ( Chilly )   x

Shelaskan’s Works for Us  ( Anokii )


Eight healthy puppies born January 1st, 2008. Three boys and five girls.

Ch. Shelaskan's Gangway I'm A Comin'  ( Dakota )   x

Shelaskan's FanTastic  ( Keisha )


Six wonderful puppies born March 8th, 2002. Three boys and three girls.

Shelaskan's Grand Bronte  ( Bronte )   x

Shelaskan's FanTastic  ( Keisha )


Eight healthy puppies born August 4th, 2000. Three boys and five girls.

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